andrej shares his beauty tips [x]


* You ever had sex with a woman?

Andrej: I don’t think I’ve ever had sex

* So you tell me you’re virgin?

Andrej: Possibly… 

Art Nation - The top 20 stories 2010-2011

#1 - Andrej Pejic

Male model Andrej Pejic took the number one spot in Art Nation’s top 20 clips of 2010-2011.

ABC News.
Andrej Pejic: Man Wears Bra in Dutch Lingerie Ad


I’m open to movies, I’m open to reality TV… I may become a nurse.

oh andrej… LOL [x| the screencap version

Andrej, will you marry me?

Andrej, will you marry me?


Every girl’s dream ^^

Andrej in Nightline

Andrej in Nightline